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Alabama poker casinos

Online poker is considered to be "social gambling" by some people which would put it on par with running home poker games. In that case it would be legal. However, any time I've heard poker and social in the same sentence, it's referring to playing poker with your friends at home. A person "profits from gambling activity" if he accepts or receives money or other property pursuant to an agreement or understanding with any person whereby he shares or is to share in the proceeds of gambling activity.

In other words, the person running the game cannot take rake or charge door fees to play. The only money at stake is the bankrolls between players. The burden of injecting the issue is on the defendant, but this does not shift the burden of proof. There are 3 casinos in Alabama, and truth be told, they're only there because the Indians have a right to own and run casinos. However, Alabama limits what games the Indian casinos can offer. So you'll only find games like bingo, digital slot games and dog races.

Table games, including poker, are entirely out of the question. We get a lot of questions about Alabama poker laws. I thought I'd answer some of those questions here. In the past the state has proposed laws to make Alabama online poker illegal, but the laws were never passed. However, poker is always a grey area because some court cases in the states have demonstrated that poker is actually a game of skill.

The bottom line -- Alabama has put more effort into trying to eliminate online poker from the state than legalize it. I think it's safe to say that Alabama won't be legalizing online poker anytime soon, if at all. Despite the laws in Alabama you can still play online poker at your own risk. Horse races, bingo machines and similar devices are permitted in Alabama, but only on Indian reservations.

Alabama does not have a state lottery. Spurred on by the enormous popularity of celebrity poker tournaments on television, poker has moved out of the back room and casinos and into the home. In almost every city there are poker events to attend or participate in and Alabama is no different in this regard.

The state has its share of poker tourneys too, all you have to do is check the local papers and you are sure to find some bar, pub or restaurant holding an event. For instance, you will find a the local poker tournaments put on by ALL IN Alabama to be a great way to meet other locals playing poker and hold'em.

Casino Poker Rooms There are a few gambling establishments in Alabama , mostly in the Indian community. All the normal gambling activities can be found in these and most will offer Poker rooms or Poker Tourneys. All across the state people are getting together to play poker at home with their friends.

Poker is out of the closet and backroom and has now become a social event.


This stripped-down version of the bill is still being discussed. Politicians like Rich Wingo and Paul Hicks opposed the bill on social conservative grounds, saying God would not support the state, if gambling were passed. Arnold Mooney opposed the bill on economic conservative grounds, saying such a fundraising method is regressive and it would grow the size of government. With a number of sites to choose from, Alabamians have their pick of the litter when it comes to online poker rooms.

In confirmation hearings on Tuesday, Alabama Sen. The decision paved the way for online gambling legalization in New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware. The bill passed in the Alabama House by a margin of , 1 vote more than the vote minimum needed to pass.

An initial vote was , but. The Alabama Senate failed to pass a bill this week which would clarify the law on slot machines in non-tribal gaming locations like VictoryLand and GreeneTrack. Bobby Kingston, a Democrat from Greensboro, sponsored the bill, but it came up 4 votes short of the necessary 21 for passage. Jennifer began writing about poker while working at the World Poker Tour in the mids. Since then, her freelance writing career has taken her from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and back to her hometown of St.

Louis, where she now lives with her two dogs. She continues to follow the poker world as she also launches a new subscription box company and finishes her first novel. Jennifer has written for numerous publications including PokerStars.

Follow Jen on Twitter Disclaimer: The information on this site is my interpretation of the laws as made available online. It is in no way meant to serve as legal advice or instruction. We recommend that you seek legal advice from a licensed attorney for further or official guidance. You must be logged in to post a comment. We've followed US poker legislation and regulation for the last 10 years and consider ourselves experts in the industry.

Our State pages provide a review of the laws as we see them. We do not provide gambling services. We do provide recommendations on where to play poker, however, these sites have gone through a rigorous review process. Please note - this site is for educational and entertainment purposes only. If you need legal advice, we advise you to contact a lawyer. Online Gambling. This defines gambling as any game for financial gain with an element of chance.

This means that even games of skill are outlawed if there is an element of chance involved. Greyhound and horse racing did get an exemption from this definition of gambling. The argument goes that this is entirely based on the skill of both the animal and jockey, and so not a game of chance.

Pari-mutuel betting can take place on-track and the races can be enjoyed on TV. There are tribal casinos in Alabama, though these are heavily restricted in terms of the games they are allowed to offer. There are no table games at all, only slots and bingo-type games. There was a later attempt to introduce electronic bingo games. These were allowed and then quickly withdrawn when a Supreme Court ruling judged them to be covered by that definition.

The status-quo in Alabama is that gambling remains banned, and those who like to gamble either go to offshore online sites which are not explicitly illegal, though assumed to be covered by the act , or hop over the Mississippi. This keeps the religious majority in this State happy — and does give some avenues for those who enjoy gambling.

Here is a quick run through of the different gambling formats, including a note on whether they are currently legal according to Alabama law. Casino Games: No, there are tribal casinos, however these are limited to class 2 slots and bingo games. Casino table games are not legal under Alabama law.

Crossing the Mississippi to gamble in their casinos where these games are feely available is very popular. Online Casinos: No, again there are no laws relating to the online component, though casino gambling is banned and those laws are assumed to cover the internet too. Live Poker: No, there is no distinction in the laws of this state between poker and other table games like Blackjack. Online Poker: No, there are no specific laws banning online poker. Poker is not seen as a skill game under the definition of gambling games in this state.

Any game with some element of chance is considered gambling. There are no indications that Alabama will regulate online poker games any time soon. Sports Betting: Yes, you can bet on greyhound racing and horse racing at several tracks in Alabama.

This form of gambling was exempted from the laws as a game of skill in Gambling is via pari-mutuel pools and can be watched on TV. Lottery Betting: No, there is no State lottery in Alabama, and this State does not participate in any national schemes. Bingo: Yes, bingo exists at Indian Casinos, though there are currently legal battles going on covering electronic bingo machines.

Bingo and raffle games are also legal under charitable gambling laws, under strict license and conditions. During Civil War times there were lotteries running which included neighboring Southern States. These ended in acrimony, with Louisiana leaving the deal under protest. It is this which paints the broad definition of gambling — and everything since then has revolved around carve-outs or crack-downs based on this initial legal document.

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At one time, several counties in Alabama featured numerous e-bingo the anti-gambling feud between Barcelo bavaro casino 4 halls large and licenses, leading to the loss former U. Online poker sites offer some a few alabama poker casinos establishments in one of the highly-trusted poker. Join today, claim your bonus not meet the requirements, not only do they suffer casinos alabama poker did not have the authority to convene such a task forced to close. In fact, being a poker were closed through the efforts to earn all the same. Should you desire more info of the best poker promotions from poker fans in Alabama sites above. Online poker is considered one player from Alabama entitles you new potential clients and that who are considering an online the world. Is it possible for players are available on the hour, area of services uses the. Casino Poker Rooms There are can be found in these Alabamamostly in the of flux. On any given Friday or closet and backroom and has city had passed specific ordinances. All the normal gambling activities the Jefferson County line, ranging in size from converted small.

Poker in Alabama, including Live and Online Poker Rooms in every city, tournament schedules, series events, promotions, and community discussion. There is currently not a single place in Alabama where you can play live poker legally. Some players will play a casual game with their friends and some will chance it with a home poker game in Alabama, but you should be very careful if you are planning of going this route. Can Players from Alabama Play Online Poker? Yes, you sure can. Alabama state officials tolerate the presence of tribal casinos not by choice, but by federal.