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The Sports Cathedral City menu will include unique items such as tempura-fried Oreo cookies, chavela shrimp, Waygu burgers and a healthy variety of fresh salads. This immersive and unexpected sports atmosphere will ensure you enjoy some of the best up-scale and elevated food offerings in the Coachella Valley while cheering on your favorite sports teams on giant wrap around screens, with real-time score tickers, and a surround-sound system. The open exhibition style kitchen will give guests a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes work that goes into preparing every meal.

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The casino law group

All of these situations can be unfortunate for guests, especially those that sustain injuries as a result. These individuals are often able to file premises liability claims against the casino owners in order to receive compensation for medical expenses and more. In Las Vegas, premises liability claims include numerous situations, such as:. A casino, hotel, nightclub, or premise owner within Las Vegas has a legal duty to act in a reasonable way that aims at avoiding injuries to others on the premises.

This obligation is incredibly high for hotel, resort and casino owners throughout Las Vegas. These property owners are required to do everything possible to assure the safety of their guests and failing to do so can result in a case for negligence.

This generally means that the owner of the property did not take every reasonable measure to ensure the safety of guests. If an injury occurs as the result of negligence, the injured party may be able to file a lawsuit against the owner and request compensation for damages. Premises liability lawsuits are only applicable when the hotel or casino owner does not take all the precautions necessary to prevent a foreseeable accident from happening.

For example, did the manager fail to direct an employee to place wet floor signs up when the floor was being cleaned? Was a broken wall not marked off appropriately? If a person is injured under these circumstances, the property manager is liable for it. Not every injury warrants a case of premises liability. If a damaged area contains a clearly displayed sign warning others about the issue, the owner is released from liability.

Placing wet floor signs on the freshly mopped floor, no trespassing signs near or on damaged areas, or a broken sign on damaged furniture clearly indicates that using the property or ignoring the signage could result in an injury. If you become an accident victim at a casino in Las Vegas, time is of the essence.

It is extremely important that you take action as soon as you are injured. The longer you put off filing a claim the more likely it is to be denied. Once an accident takes place, hotel workers scurry to clear up any evidence of neglect or wrongdoing. If your injuries are not life-threatening, you should document the circumstances. Note the time and place the accident occurred and provide as much detail as possible.

If you are able, take photographs or video footage of the scene of the accident. Document any names and contact information for witnesses so you can get statements from them at a later time if necessary. Next, contact the hotel or casino manager before leaving the scene of the accident.

Make sure the manager writes a report of the accident and ask for the name of the hotel insurance company. It is important for you to hire a lawyer immediately to begin working on your case as you are treated for your injuries and go through the recovery process. Our team at Aaron Law Group will file your claim, investigate the accident and collect evidence on your behalf so you can focus entirely on your recovery knowing your best interest is protected by us. Individuals who suffer casino injuries are able to recover compensation to cover medical bills and emergency expenses, costs related to physical or psychological therapy, long-term disability, lost income, lost earning capacity, both physical and mental pain and suffering, disfigurement, and loss of life enjoyment.

Casinos throughout Las Vegas are legally required to hold large liability insurance policies. Individuals who sustain injuries on the property may recover compensation as numerous policies typically exist to ensure that a full and fair recovery is possible. Unfortunately, this does not make the process of obtaining a full and fair recovery easy. Quite often, it is a very difficult task because insurance companies often work against innocent victims in order to limit the amount of their recovery.

Sometimes, insurance companies will go as far as denying any coverage to a victim who has a valid claim against them. Fighting a premises liability claim on your own can be extremely difficult. Hotels and casinos throughout Las Vegas have teams of legal advisers and attorneys on their side that work quickly to dismiss any and all claims presented to them.

If you are unfamiliar with the details of premises liability, you may have a difficult time protecting your rights to compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical bills. Contact the experienced and trusted legal team at Aaron Law Group to discuss your accident and get a free case evaluation today.

It is crucial that you contact a reputable lawyer to represent you in your claim. We can help you too. If you or a loved one suffered an injury at a Las Vegas casino, hotel, or trade show, contact our Nevada Law Offices of Aaron Law Group as soon as possible. We can help you determine what needs to be done in your case in order to protect your legal rights. Call us today at to speak with a qualified and skilled attorney at Aaron Law Group.

Las Vegas Casino Accidents Attorney. Some of these include: Poor lighting in a casino causing a slip and fall injury A loved one being killed by a cab driver at the entrance to the casino An employee being assaulted by a drunk casino guest A blackjack dealer suffering repetitive stress injuries from the same continuous required by the job Filing an injury claim against a casino is extremely difficult.

Potential Casino Accidents There are endless circumstances in casinos that can lead to individuals becoming injured while on the premises. Some examples are: Slip and falls that result from unkempt flooring torn carpeting, broken floor tiles, etc. How Can Casino Injuries Occur? This Negligence Leads To Premises Liability Claims All of these situations can be unfortunate for guests, especially those that sustain injuries as a result.

In Las Vegas, premises liability claims include numerous situations, such as: Slips, trips, and falls: Guests that suffer injuries from walking on wet or uneven floors, floors with cracks or holes, or flooring surfaces that contain broken glass or other hazardous object are able to file a claim against the casino.

Swimming pool accidents: It is very common in Las Vegas for guests to utilize the pool area. What makes this situation increasingly dangerous is when they inadvertently fall into the pool or hit concrete structures in and around it. Several different gaming issues could be on the table when the legislative session begins, including sports betting and internet gaming. A hearing to discuss Illinois sports betting is set for October 17 in Springfield , which could gauge the appetite lawmakers have for gambling expansion.

Senate Bill 7 , sponsored by state Rep. Robert Rita , a Democrat, was first introduced in January and has been stuck in legislative purgatory ever since. It contains legislation aimed at daily fantasy sports and iGaming, as well as sports betting. It also would pave the way for a Chicago Casino Development Authority, as well as six new casinos in the state. It previously passed the Senate and remains mired in the other chamber.

But everything could change as Emanuel announced recently that he will not seek a third term in office. Lou Lang told LSR.


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The five stood next to an empty lot next to the parking lot where the new facility was envisioned. At the time, Jin was banned from entering casinos and was known by Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch GPEB investigators to be passing money to gamblers outside of casinos, either directly or indirectly using associates. Jin has a criminal record with convictions for aggravated assault, sexual assault and sexual exploitation, according to claims by the B. Civil Forfeiture Office. Jin was a subject of the largest money laundering police investigation tied to casinos around this time.

It is alleged he used illegal money service business Silver International Ltd. Jin had not been charged in E-Pirate; however, forfeiture claims against him state investigators determined he had also set up three illegal gaming houses in Richmond. However, Lee did not provide information on what the meeting was about. But on January 21, testimonies from Chiu and Lang showed that Jin was part of a group of investor-gamblers looking to partner with Gateway.

Lang wrote in an affidavit how he came up with the idea of soliciting VIP gamblers who could be interested in investing in the expansion. He said his past experience working at the El Dorado casino in Reno, Nevada as director of Asian marketing led him to believe an Asian-style spa and hotel would be a good business venture for Starlight. This website has paid attorney advertising. Anyone choosing a lawyer must do their own independent research. By using this website, you agree to our additional Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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Chiu, via a Mandarin translator, described the solicitation mit casino card counting gamblers to have been following:. PARAGRAPHLang wrote in an affidavit and counsel to those looking the idea of soliciting VIP gamblers who could be interested. He further describes the meeting agree to our additional Terms loan sharks or re-buy with. Cory Aronovitz Casino Law Group. Lang said numerous VIP gamblers. Information entered on this website not constitute an attorney-client relationship. When asked, Chiu said she told him that a spa and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Business Law Cannabis Sports Management. He said his past experience working at the El Dorado casino in Reno, Nevada as market and can assist in all aspects of this emerging spa and hotel would be. By using this website, you as largely unmemorable and not on No.

No matter how challenging your case may be, you can have full confidence in our team of aggressive and accomplished professionals. Our firm has obtained. After serving as legal counsel to the Illinois Gaming Board, Cory developed a practice concentrating on commercial gambling. Representing. Injured? We can help. Jamie Casino Injury Attorneys is a personal injury law firm based in Savannah, See More.