2-3 year old preschool games

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2-3 year old preschool games hitman 2 silent assassin pc game full version free download

2-3 year old preschool games

They are simple first of all, they encourage perseverance, build subitizing and counting skills, and this one is FREE! This game and its Halloween inspired version have been huge hits around my home and classrooms for years and years. Kids love playing these games and I love seeing how they help develop their gross motor skills.

For more printable activities you can use to learn and play with your 3 year old students or for your homeschool check out our preschool curriculum unit plans. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. This list contains affiliate links. Candy Land This is the perfect preschool game. Tell me what makes your list of the best games for 3 year olds? Like this post? Share it with a friend! Become an Email Subscriber Sign up above and receive all new No Time for Flashcards posts directly in your email inbox. Double tap if you want to get your hands into this sensory tub?!

Next we shake it around until the colour has spread and then we set it out on some baking paper to dry! Definitely not. To make rainbow rice , simply combine rice, vinegar and food coloring in a bag or plastic container; shake it up; and let it dry on a baking sheet. And once you have the rainbow under your belts, you can try your hands at other Froot Loop crafts, such as caterpillars , birdfeeders and flowers.

Worth the cleanup? Some fine motor practice this morning, rescuing spaghetti 'worms' from chocolate pudding 'mud'!! A post shared by Sessions with Minnie sessions. Place some wet spaghetti worms in chocolate pudding mud and have your little one hunt for them with a magnifying glass if you have one , and then rescue them with kid-friendly tongs.

The mission was to find the beads, wash them off, and fill our bottle with just clean beads! Emmy loved it and worked so hard. Why let your child play with just Water Beads , which yes, are a great sensory toy, when they can play with Water Beads and shaving cream? Double the mess? But definitely double the fun. Hide Water Beads under a bed of shaving cream and have your child find them. Where to buy: Pick Me Up, Piggy! And nope, no reading required! If you thought the tune of Baby Shark was gone from your head forever, think again.

Now the viral song is a game! Let's Go Fishin' is a classic game that helps kids enhance hand-eye coordination, and now the game incorporates one of the most viral dance songs of all time: Baby Shark! Please enter a valid email address. Join now. Find babysitters on Care. Nicole Fabian-Weber Nov. Our experts offer suggestions for keeping toddlers interested — and on their toes!


Plus, it is made from a lot of things you may already have at home. It is a fun sensory craft for 2 year olds. Let them build, squish, and smash this soft cloud dough. Sandboxes are a mess… but what if they were small, easy to cover, and you could drag it into the garage when you were done?? This is a sandbox on wheels. Pile on the toys to hide them and keep your yard clean. When was the last time you surprised your child with a picnic — for breakfast? This site has a bunch of other creative ways to connect with your kids.

It has great tips to spend time with your kids everyday even in the smallest of moments. On a hot afternoon, frozen water beads are a huge hit! Fill a big bucket with them. There textures change and it makes a fun sensory bin.

Do your kids hide in clothes at a department store? Mine do! Recreate that experience by hanging fabric for your kids to run through at home. You can hang sheets, blankets, dresses, long shirts and let them run through! This is so cool! Bang the afternoon away with a fun musical wall — attach it to a fence in your back yard. This soup is made from flower petals and cut up fruit and water.

Smells lovely, and is a hit with the kids! You can add other things too like leaves, stones, and stir with sticks or spoons. Make this nature soup your own. Use egg cartons to help your kids differentiate between colors with this fun sorting activity. Paint each egg carton a different color and then fill a bowl full of pom poms.

Put each pom pom in its correlating colors. Sponge bombs are the BEST! Make a big batch of them, and add them to your tots bath toys. They also make amazing summer toys as well! Play with all the colors of the rainbow in this fun Simon Says game. This is a fun outdoors game that will teach your 2 year old about colors while keeping them moving.

Say a color and they will need to hop to that color. Card board boats are a blast. This is a fun pretend version you can add to your backyard. It will be loved until it can no longer hold it together anymore. These rainbow bubble snakes are all 3! Bubbles are a blast, especially lots of them. These bubble snakes are perfect for kids who want to learn to blow or who love popping bubbles and they are rainbow!

Summer time ice-cube sculptures. Your two year old can stack colored blocks of ice and watch the colors melt together. Not only is this a fun way to beat the heat, but it is a fun way to learn colors and learn about mixing colors like red and blue make purple. Is your child a snacker? Spend time together cooking and make a batch of snacks for toddlers and have a picnic together.

Make popsicles from real fruit, muffins, fruit snacks, yogurt gummies, trail mix and more. Do your kids love flowers?? Check out this flower sensory bin. Add water beads and different flowers and water! This changes the texture of the water beads and each flower feels different as some will be wet and others dry.

Dip your hands or feet in the bin. Building forts and hanging out inside forts is a blast for kids. They love cubbies to crawl into. We love these indoor forts for toddlers. There are 25 to choose from and each one is cool and unique in its own right.

Pretend play is such an important thing for kids to do. It promotes social skills, cooperative play, and problem solving. Young preschoolers are just beginning to play pretend. Use chunks of watermelon this summer with your preschoolers. Not only can you build with it, but you can make squish bags, math bags, and best of all, snack!

You can fill bags of paint for kids to squish and trace in as mess free finger paint. They can still draw pictures in the paint and even mix the colors. Drop the ball through a fun maze — your kids can create and explore with long paper tubes. You could even use toy cars with this maze. Either way, it is a lot of fun! All you need is cardboard tubes, can boxes, cutting utensils and a hot glue gun as well as ping pong balls. Promote pretend play with this fun activity. Not only will it promote pretend play, but using tongues and letting two year olds move noodles from various containers is a great way to promote fine motor skill practice.

Water — everything is more fun with water. Use a squirt gun or spray bottle to learn the letters with your toddler. Write letters on a chalkboard. They can be in order or they can be all mixed up. Then name a letter and let your child find it and spray it with a water bottle to erase it from the lineup.

A normal water bottle may be hard for 2 year olds, so a wet rag or sponge could also work. But this toilet paper activity is perfect. But they can build, drive cars over and around them, and knock them down! We have 20 easy toddler water play ideas will get them outside on a hot day! Splash in puddles, dance in the rain, wash the car, build your own water table, paint with water, and there are many more fun ideas that you can do together!

Learn all about the five senses with this fun printable for kids. This is such a well-rounded sensory activity as it focuses on: touching, hearing, smelling, sight, and tasting. It is a great way to teach 2 year olds about the world around them and help them explore different textures and different items around them. This is one of our go-to activities for 2 year olds.

Grab a box — it can be a terrific launch ramp for toy cars. But then watch the cars and bikes fly! Toddler friendship bracelets are a fun way to practice cutting and threading fine motor skills. Plus, they are super cute! Cut up different colored straws and use the pieces as beads and loop them onto a pipe cleaner. Use a lump of play dough and a wooden spoon to create a pole to toss rings on. This is a great way for kids to develop hand-eye coordination.

Use plastic bracelets as the rings. Encourage your kids to be active with one of these 25 super simple activities. We have silly activities like singing into a fan robot voice! Your 2 year old will love them all! Create a quiet book to entertain your 2 year olds during nap time or another calm period. This free template helps you put together a book full of fun felt puzzles and activities. It will keep your child busy for hours! Kerplunk is such a fun classic game and is one of our favorite activities for 2 year olds.

Grab a spaghetti strainer and some pom-poms for a fun game. This is such a fun problem solving game! My kids love to play with them when they are at the park. Teach them not to throw rocks at home with a fun box. Plus, each rock has different textures. Some are smooth, some are tiny, some are jagged, and some are rough like pumice. Do your kids want to play in the sandbox , but they are just a touch to young as they put everything in their mouths??

Create edible sand! All you need is a food processor and crackers! You could probably also use something like cheerios or graham crackers for a sweeter version of this edible sand. Either way, your 2 year old will love it!

Build with blocks in a water table — a fun outdoor experience. Trace the foam blocks with chalk! That way 2 year olds can learn colors and shapes. Work on your 2 year olds motor skills by sticking the foam blocks to sticky paper. Last, promote pretend play while working on your 2 year olds fine motor skills by letting them build. Use shaving cream as cement!

Help foster independence and teach work ethic with ideas from our chore list for your preschooler. Each chore list is sectioned off by age groups. So there are lists for toddlers, preschoolers, elementary kids, older elementary kids, and middle schoolers. Build towers with all the old boxes you can collect — use tape to keep them together and bring a step stool. Your kids may not understand lengths and how to use a ruler yet, but they can learn to intuitively grasp varying amounts with the help of scissors, play dough and a ruler.

Colanders and straws are the perfect way to help 2 year olds practice their fine motor skills. This can even be used as one of our fun games for 3 years old. It is simple, let your child stick straws through the holes in the colander. It will take precision to get them in!

Create a cutting station! It is one of our fun activities to do at home. Not only is it fun, but helps your 2 year old practice their fine motor skills as well. Use a bucket and tie a pair of scissors to it. Hopefully, kids will keep the scraps contained this way. How to get kids to clean? Make cleaning fun! Add music, set a timer, hide prizes around the room! Also breaking down the cleaning tasks and even taking a before an after picture will make it easier on kids and make them feel more accomplished for doing their chores.

Encourage your kids to contribute and clean with some of these tips. Mop the floors with socks! Make your own cleaner out of non-toxic items in your home and let your child spray and wipe! This will make cleaning fun, but also teach them responsibility.

Leave a Comment : Which of these activities did your 2 year old enjoy the most? Attention development is limited to a very short time period for 2 two -year-old kids. The following learning games for 2-year-olds support the cognitive development stages of kids.

But children can learn them easily through play every day. It is a toy which includes different geometric shapes and colour blocks and let children sort them in the matching shape holes in the box sorter. The shape sorter boxes that have many colourful and physically similar shapes pieces are suitable for toddlers but it also can be played by those who are younger.

This toy helps your child to develop reasoning skills, visual intelligence and, eye-hand coordination skills. Also, you can put these blocks on a paper and draw their shapes together with your child. When you want them to find and place the correct blocks on the correct drawings, you support your child to understand the differences between flat surface and space the concepts of height and depth.

Shape sorter is a very useful toy, especially for 2-year-old kids. You can get play sets that include kitchenware or hand tools. By setting a table together and putting cups, plates, forks, and spoons according to the number of people on the table develops number concepts. Performing various duties with hand tools and similar toys helps children develop their vocabulary and they learn how to group objects.

Their tendency to follow your suggestions-orders increases during the game. So, they also learn how to follow the directions. While they are playing with such toys, they act as a mechanic, doctor, mother, and some others. This provides a significant increase in imagination. Various home games play an important role in learning for 2-year-olds babies. You can crop and group picture of various objects from magazines or unused books. You can contribute to the development of reasoning skills of your child by categorizing animals, cars, and people separately.

Separating things in different groups enables them to develop their categorization skills. You can act voices of cropped pictures that you put together. For instance, you can act cat or dog voices and ask your child to repeat after you. It develops the sensitiveness for identification of different voices. Do not forget to stick these pictures into a notebook while playing picture cropping and voice acting game. So, you will be ready for the next game. They are very curious and they ask a lot of questions all the time.

Their memory skills tend to be improved by time, especially during these ages. They can memorize short poems and read them. They can focus on a job for about min. The following games and toys are suitable for toddlers at the age of 3. There are many varieties of these cards in the market. For example, You may align 8 cards upside down which include 2 same cards for each on the table and want your child to match the same cards.

Then, your child will try to memorize cards to find the matching cards in order to be successful. Also, you may give cards to your child while you are keeping the same ones with you too. Then, you ask your child to show the right card according to your description. This is one of the most popular games used for memory development.


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Game features: - Easy and intuitive: Toddlers can play this game independently. Ads free and No pop-ups. Educational targets: - Develop number sense, - Identify and match number names, numerals, and quantities. The game is beautifully illustrated. Your child will engage in fun and challenging outdoors camping activities. In response to great feedback from our users: - improved light bulbs screen - added new animations to "explore" screen - Improved the didactic context for the mine screen We hope you enjoy!

This game is really excellent and well designed for toddlers learning. Your child can learn a lot by using this game: count to 10, recognize numbers, count backwards and more. The full version consists of 15 mini games, each game deals with another aspect of numbers and counting, all well planned.

Thank you very much for the support. We love hearing from our users about their experiences with our games. We hope you and your grandchildren continue to enjoy our educational products in the future. My kid loves to use this app. It has simple functionality. You have a great app. Thank you very much for your support. We hope you continue to enjoy our educational products in the future.

Great app for my 3 yr old! She loves and enjoys the game. The developer will be required to provide privacy details when they submit their next app update. With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. App Store Preview. Screenshots iPad iPhone. Description Welcome to ToyaTap camp! We model how to put the items back after they are finished.

I really thank you for the pictures and description of the tray activities. My students will truly enjoy it. If church or school orders take out for a group, salads and things come with tongs. When you just have a few children it is easier to keep track of things.

I have 12…not so easy when it is clean up time and they are helping. I work in a Montessori preschool and we have a lot of activities very similar to this, great job! When would they use these? During center play? Small groups?

Our day is scheduled somewhat different but I am curious as to where these fit in your day? Do you see any of these being appropriate for mo? Where and when do you use these throughout the day? Do you think any of these would be appropriate for mo olds? Thanks for sharing your brain, experience and your resources. We have these out during our centers time, on a table. For younger children, start very simple, with just one or two.

Even our 2 year olds do that. If you have a small group, you could try sitting with them. Model how the materials are used, but give them the freedom to explore in their own ways, too. I was in your place 15 years ago. Just experiment with different activities and see what works. Good luck! We cut up pieces of foam sheets that matched the colors of our plastic clips. All were purchased from the dollar store. Remember how we used them for watercolor dripping? With this simple activity, I used plastic colored clips from the dollar store and found scraps of felt that matched.

I turned the sign holder on its side for a fine motor color matching activity. Someone had donated blocks of floral foam, so I placed them on a tray with the golf tees. I added marbles for them to place on top of the tees. This took great concentration and is a good exercise for hand-eye coordination.

This activity is a favorite every fall! Simply add tweezers and invite the children to pull the kernels out. Looking for a quick activity? Take a large piece of paper and create circles with different colored markers. Have the children go on a color hunt, finding objects in the room and placing them in the matching circles.

We love to use recycled egg cartons, such as when we made our caterpillars. In this activity, we used styrofoam egg cartons. I separated the cups and added pipe cleaners. I poked a hole in the center of each pipe cleaner and invited the children to push the pipe cleaners through them. We used our color sorting bowls that are used in so many different activities, our colored macaroni, and the children sorted by color.

I was introduced to using soap suction cup holders when I toured some classrooms years ago. Turn the holder so that the suction cups are facing up. Use something like strawberry hullers to transfer the marbles, placing one on each suction cup. This is by far one of the most easiest activities to set up! Cut straws so that they range in size, and draw lines on a piece of paper.

Many years ago I created this very simple counting activity. I wrote numbers on pieces of paper, added small circle stickers, and laminated.