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The Sports Cathedral City menu will include unique items such as tempura-fried Oreo cookies, chavela shrimp, Waygu burgers and a healthy variety of fresh salads. This immersive and unexpected sports atmosphere will ensure you enjoy some of the best up-scale and elevated food offerings in the Coachella Valley while cheering on your favorite sports teams on giant wrap around screens, with real-time score tickers, and a surround-sound system. The open exhibition style kitchen will give guests a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes work that goes into preparing every meal.

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Les septs doigts de la main casino de paris

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Originally a chemist by trade, this four-time artistic roller-skating champion is also a graduate from the Montreal National Circus School. He started his career as a diabolo artist and clown at the Montreal Casino before going on to perform in German cabarets such as Pomp Duck and Circumstance, the Wintergarten and the Freidrichbau, as well as at the Teatro Zinzanni in San Francisco.

He also performed with such companies as the Swiss circus company Knie and Cirque du Soleil. Patrick is fond of artistic collaborations. Patinoire, which had a one-month run at the Avignon festival in , blends extravagant acrobatic acts with a fanciful, sometimes even absurd, humour. In , working with director Diane Paulus on a new vision of Pippin , she choreographed and wove circus into the revival of the Broadway musical.

Gypsy became a Canadian citizen in Gypsy is also a guest teacher and guest director at the National Circus School of Montreal. A skilled writer, he is the author of the play Le Murmure du coquelicot, and of an reimagined sequel to the tales of Scheherazade, which formed his script for Nights: The Last Chapter.

In , Samuel became one of the co-founders of The 7 Fingers. Samuel is known for his versatile creativity. His interest for interdisciplinary creation and artistic collaboration has brought him to direct a wide range of authentic work mixing the circus arts with dance, theater, visual arts, video projections, historical research, live music, etc. Driven by humanistic values, Samuel initiated the Fibonacci Project in This ongoing creation is realized through a series of residencies around the world and aims to build bridges between cultures in a celebration of human diversity.

For the past twenty years Samuel has been highly invested towards the development of contemporary circus arts in Canada. He was the President of En Piste the Canadian circus arts alliance from to Committed to exploring the horizons of human creativity in all its complexity, Nassib El-Husseini has charted a singular and wide-ranging course.

After leaving his native Lebanon in the late s, Nassib worked as an advisor and volunteer with numerous Quebecois, Canadian, and international governmental and non-governmental agencies. Following studies in administration and international relations at the American University of Beirut, he obtained a Ph. Nassib El-Husseini's trajectory took a major turn in , when his path crossed that of seven artists determined to make their mark on the world of contemporary circus.

With their first show just created, a clear-eyed ally was all the troupe needed to conquer the world. Nassib placed his experience and his passion for art and innovation at the service of the nascent troupe that would become one of the jewels of artistic expression.

As chief executive officer of the company, Nassib has brought his resolutely avant-garde, innovative vision and has turned towards a vast exploration of possibilities. Propelled by these ideas, The 7 Fingers have become a major player in the international art scene. She ensures sustainability through multiple initiatives including broad market diversification.

She joined the collective in , and quickly focused on its international development, touring and special events. Highly aware of advancements and trends in the arts and entertainment fields, she stimulates and guides artistic research and development within the creative team.

From the moment he started, he quickly fell in love with the idea of flipping and tumbling for the rest of his life. Being homeschooled his entire life, when Francisco was 12, he was able to go on his first cross-country tour with The New Pickle Circus. Looking to discover another side of his circus career, in , Francisco and his wife moved to the Netherlands to teach circus at CODARTS, a world renowned arts university.

Francisco currently lives in Montreal with his wife and two daughters and can be seen skateboarding throughout the summer in the streets of Montreal. Olivier Rosa has been working in the performing arts field since , mainly specialising in lighting but also, since , acting as a technical director. Prior to focusing almost exclusively on circus arts, Olivier was the technical director of the International Balloon Festival of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu for five years.

Before becoming the technical director of The 7 Fingers, Olivier worked with the collective for eight years on shows Loft , La Vie , and Traces. Passionate about international relations, she began her career in the non-profit sector and later turned to international development, working on bilateral partnership projects with Canada Post, Teleglobe, and SNC-Lavalin, among others. Shortly after, she took on the mandate to develop a merchandising product line for the company while also undertaking its public funding initiatives.

If you are interested in working with The 7 Fingers in administration or production please send your information and resume to: Info The7Fingers. We are always pleased to meet new artists, performers, musicians, dancers, actors, singers, and designers with the prospect of collaborating together for shows, special events and multimedia projects.

If you are interested in hiring The 7 Fingers to cast your project or event please write to: Casting The7Fingers. Shana Carroll. Co-Artistic Director. Learn more Patrick Leonard — clown, acrobat, juggler, actor — is well-known for his uniquely bold and daredevil approach. Gypsy Snider. Nassib El-Husseini. Learn more Committed to exploring the horizons of human creativity in all its complexity, Nassib El-Husseini has charted a singular and wide-ranging course.

Tina Diab. Kevin Bissonnette. Claude Gagnon. The Comedies of Postwar France. Comedy in the Modern Era. French Comedy Today. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction French comedy films occupy a specific cultural space and are influenced by national traditions and shared cultural references, but at the same time they have always been difficult to classify. This book investigates the different methods in which these comedies textually inscribed and exemplified a variety of cultural and historical landmarks.

Reviews "Lanzoni effortlessly blends very astute aesthetic and formalistic analysis about the 'art' of a film with a vast knowledge of relevant facts about actors, directors, producers, social and political events relevant to a film or a period, spectatorship, and technical issues sound, dubbing, photography, set design, etc. Buy options.

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