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Persona 2 casino guide

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I always put slots as the big payout, did not have higher than average luck I think my luck was around 12 , and within an hour and a half not only had I won the coins prize several times, but I won the 90, coins or whatever the big prize is. Minatokun13 posted I hate you. I definitely think slots is the way to go. Not sure if it was this way in the original but "auto" for blackjack is ridiculous: it doesn't adhere to the same rules as the house. I watched my team hold on 12, 14, 15, and 17 and get summarily beat by dealer's StarmanDelux posted To be fair, the AI for the dealer is a tad aggressive, and often busts, so playing conservatively at blackjack in this game is actually a good thing.

But, yes, this blackjack doesn't really follow rules. You can't even pretend to count cards as I've had, for example, a King of Spades along with the dealer. It's basically randomly pulling from a 52 card deck without actually removing cards from said deck. You're shooting for big payouts, and those are basically entirely luck based. In my case, at least, I am going to pretend with RNG being what it is, someone has to never hit it big.

User Info: FujisawaSensei. Strangely enough, it took me less than an hour of blackjack to get the jackpot with Maya at 7 Luck. I also agree that the auto option simply is NOT the way to go. The AI for your team is just way too conservative to win consistently. And in case anyone was curious,. User Info: Harrenys. If the item-duplication glitch still works, then the casino would be rendered obsolete Without dissent, freedom is a lie. User Info: Klaige. Add another vote for slots as by far the way to go to make the casino grind shorter.

It has the 2 highest jackpots possible and one of them I didn't know about until I hit it by accident. Everytime you get 5 stars you get the "frame extend" which makes the section for collecting bonuses at the top grow one step larger. If you manage to extend the frame to max all 8 spaces and then get 1 more "frame extend" by getting 5 stars, you get a , coin jackpot.

I just achieved this after about 2 hours of playing slots and using Tatsuya with only 7 luck no maxxed pixie persona either. So yes, rock out on the slots, they are going to get you the amount of coins you need for your stats sources and styx card as quickly as possible. More topics from this board Every game after are ths real sins.

How do I get past seven sisters school beginning of the game? Main Quest 3 Answers What can I get from making a pact? Side Quest 2 Answers Where can I find the masks to go in the club? Side Quest 1 Answer. Ask A Question. Browse More Questions. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? Here are my thoughts: Blackjack: Most coins fastest. Best played with one person the scrolling through everyone adds a ton of time.

Smallest possible payout and jackpot seems pretty impossible. Poker: Average coin payouts but huge payouts "possible. Fastest animations and least painful on the brain, but seems like the worst way to go. Bingo slots : Same max payout as Blackjack. Slowest animations and slowest coin gain. Bingo is played with 4 separate cards invariably; you cannot choose to play more or less.

Bets are placed on all four cards for the same amount, in multiples of 10, meaning the lowest bet is 40, the next is 80, and the highest is There are 30 numbered balls and 3 special balls. A minimum of 10 balls are chosen at random, and one by one they fill a table similar to the one at the right. The number on the ball chosen marks off those squares on each card if they are there.

If a bingo 5 balls in a line is completed by a ball, then the payout is increased by the initial bet per card multiplied by the number of the box it filled in. There is a payout increase for every bingo completed, even if completed on the same card. So if 2 bingos were completed in the earlier example, the pay out would increase by The jackpot is only available if the maximum bet is placed.

There is no input from the player after the bet is placed and the game is started, and until the final chance. Bingo is normally slow, but the speed of the game can be greatly increased by pressing start before playing. The four cards to be played on can be redrawn randomly by pressing square.

This can be done an unlimited number of times. If a number does not appear on any of the four cards, then it will be displayed on the left side of the screen. Each numbered ball has a special color that does not matter until the end. Balls 1 through 10 are colored Red ; balls 11 through 20 are colored Blue ; balls 21 through 30 are colored Green. The three special balls are colored Yellow. The special balls do not fill in any of the betting table.

Two of the balls fill in specific squares on every card; one fills in each of the four corners, the other fills in the 4 numbers in the center of each line on the perimeter. The last special ball doubles the bet of any subsequent bingos of the game. So if 5 numbered balls were drawn, the bet that was 16x is not increased to 32x, but the 12x will be doubled to 24x, and so on.

The final square of the betting square is initially undefined, and will be defined in one of two ways: It will take the value of the first bingo multiplier won. So if 5 balls were drawn, winning a 16x, the bottom square will become 16x. If no bingo is won, it will take on a value of 2x. This square can be doubled by the yellow 2x ball like all the others.

If any bingos were won, when the game ends, there will be a final chance. In this final chance game, the remaining balls are counted and a total is given for each count by color red, blue, green. This count determines a multiplier for a bet. One of the 3 colors is chosen, and then one of the remaining balls is removed at random. If the removed ball is of the same color, then the payout is multiplied by the defined multiplier of that color. This final chance can be played consecutively, up to a maximum bet of 50, This wiki.

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