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The Sports Cathedral City menu will include unique items such as tempura-fried Oreo cookies, chavela shrimp, Waygu burgers and a healthy variety of fresh salads. This immersive and unexpected sports atmosphere will ensure you enjoy some of the best up-scale and elevated food offerings in the Coachella Valley while cheering on your favorite sports teams on giant wrap around screens, with real-time score tickers, and a surround-sound system. The open exhibition style kitchen will give guests a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes work that goes into preparing every meal.

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Stampede casino brunch

Add your trip dates to get the cancellation details for this stay. Get details. This would be a wonderful place for you to explore the wonderful events in the city, spend a day or two in the city before taking the flight back to your home or stop by before heading to Banff or Canmore to have a close contact with nature.

The space We try to make this space simple and practical. The unit has a space of sq ft. The bedroom has a queen size bed with soft mattress and two nightstands. The living room has a dining table for 4 and an foldable futon sofa bed.

A workstation for your laptop. High Speed Internet with unlimited data usage. The balcony has provided a spectacular angle for you to explore the city's night view with some drinks and wonderful conversations. Since the balcony is not street facing, you should expect less noise coming directly from the major traffic routes. Free gym available within the building. Please refer to the instruction from the host to check-in and park your car at the right spot.

A PDF file will be provided by email What you would have during the stay: 1. Towels 2. Shower Essentials 3. Coffee 4. Cooking Essentials 5. Noise level will be monitored by the neighbors. Please try to make your noise level down during the stay and this place is not for large group parties. The total number of available guests for the stay is 3. The whole unit of condo. Guest Lounge 3. Gym on Level 6 4. Designated Parking Spot 5.

The garbage room is on the Lobby level. When you walk out of the elevator, turn right and follow the way down to the garbage room. Please do not expand the sofa bed by yourself without the consent of the host. Please let the host know your plan before arrival and the host will prepare the extra bedding for you.

Please use the cotton pads to remove the makeup and put them into the garbage bin after use. Do not use the towel to wipe the makeup or other dirts as it will be very difficult to clean. Additional cleaning fees will apply. Use paper towels to clean surfaces. Please wash the dishes and cups after use. This would be a wonderful place for you to explore the wonderful events in the city, spend a day or two in the city before taking the flight back to your home or stop by before heading to Banf… read more.

Contact host. Sleeping arrangements. Show all 34 amenities. Though the ball deals moderate damage, the bat swing can deal heavy damage and knockback, though there is high endlag. They are common minions working under Bowser, and the show revolves around their everyday lives and misadventures on the job. Both are relatively pessimistic and sometimes get into fights, but they do stick together when the going gets tough. The player mainly controls Hal while Jeff resides on top of his back.

Together, they are a lightweight fighter that can be knocked away easily. Their attack power is also relatively low, and have a difficult time KOing opponents. However, they do have an excellent recovery thanks to their high jump height and fast air speed.

The latter in particular allows them to quickly move around the stage to bait reactions and punish accordingly. Despite their lack of KO power, they have access to several projectiles and long-ranged attacks to deal damage from afar.

Neutral Special : Weapon Use is an attack inspired by the Halloween special of Bowser's Kingdom , Episode , where Jeff and Hal shoot a weapons merchant to steal his guns so they can protect themselves from a zombie invasion. When used, Hal will pull out his weapon and fire, damaging opponents from afar. Every shot takes down ammunition, displayed next to their icon. Once the ammunition is depleted, the weapon can no longer be used, but will reload over time.

The AK has 20 bullets and has the fastest fire rate, but deals the least amount of damage per bullet. The Shotgun has the least amount of rage and has a small amount of 15 bullets, but deals the most damage of the three weapons. The Sniper Rifle has an even less amount of bullets, capping at eight, and has the slowest fire rate, but covers the most range. It has 17 bullets, has a quick fire rate, deals heavy damage, and has a long range, albeit not as long as the Sniper Rifle.

After this is used, the Chain Gun is added to Jeff and Hal's arsenal until all of its ammunition is depleted; it will not reload when not in use. Side Special : Grenade is an attack based on Episode of Bowser's Kingdom , where Hal throws grenades at a horde of zombies to try and fend them off. When used, Hal takes out a grenade and throws it in an arc, which explodes on impact and damages all opponents in the blast radius.

The Omega Attack variant has Hal throw a much bigger grenade that has a bigger blast radius and deals more damage. Blocks and use them to become a Paragoomba and Koopa Paratroopa respectively. In this game, Jeff and Hal get wings and begin flying upward. While flying, they can move back and forth. When they reach the peak of their height, their wings disappear and they fall into a helpless state. The Omega Attack variant has them fly higher.

Down Special : Cannon is an attack based on a scene in Episode of Bowser's Kingdom , where Jeff shoots himself out of a cannon into a horde of zombies to kill them. When used, a large cannon appears and Jeff enters it while Hal ducks for cover. Jeff them shoots himself out of the cannon, dealing heavy damage and knockback to opponents.

He then gets up and runs back to Hal. By holding the special button, allowing Jeff to fly farther and deal more damage. The Omega Attack variant as Jeff fly forward while ignited in flames. He flies farther and deals more damage and knockback than he would if the regular move was fully charged. From here, they can move freely around the air. Pressing the attack button allows Hal to throw a Mechakoopa onto the ground that explodes on impact, while pressing the special button allows them to drop a Big Steely that rolls around the stage.

After awhile, the Koopa Clown Car will explode, sending the two back to the stage. He is known for babbling nonsense that no one can decipher, which usually makes him angry. When used, Jeff and Hal summon the Inaudible Thwomp, who falls onto the stage in front of them. He meteor smashes aerial opponents and buries grounded opponents he lands on. He will then slowly rise back above the stage. He is considered the "third wheel" in Jeff and Hal's relationship, and they find him annoying because of it.

In this game, they will summon Steve, who appears out of a Warp Pipe in front of them. He lunges forward to chomp on a nearby opponent. If he is successful, Steve will begin chewing on them before spitting them out and disappearing. He is an Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bro. When angered, he will begin randomly throwing hammers. In this game, Jeff and Hal will summon him, and he will begin throwing hammers around the stage in arcs, damaging opponents they hit.

After awhile, he will fly away. They are a duo of Zeus Guys who are trained in martial arts and ninjutsu. They have an obsession over a special treat called Lucky Candy, which allows them to grow stronger. In this game, Jeff and Hal summon the Karate Duo 1, who appear on either side of them. They both throw yellow energy projectiles in either direction, damaging opponents they hit before disappearing in a cloud of smoke. Kaiden is the main protagonist of Ghostrealm Studios' Champions of Ascerth series, as well as a major character within the Ghostverse.

A lone survivor of the Krexxon attack on Farhorn Village, he manage to stop their invasion on the world. During this time, he would meet a young sourceress named Elina, who had visions of this invasion. They two eventually developed romantic interest in each other, and got married.

Kaiden is a fast middleweight with quick, weak attacks that can combo opponents easily. His two swords allow him to space against opponents as well, granting him disjointed range. While he only has a few powerful KO attacks, he can easily overwhelm opponents courtesy of his fast frame data. Lastly, while his recovery is weak, it is rather flexible.

Neutral Special : Power Strike is one of Kaiden's attacks in Champions of Ascerth 2 , which has him attack a single target with a powerful strike. In this game, he stabs one of his swords forward to damage opponents. This however, deals no knockback, and can trap opponents for follow-ups. Alternatively, the special button can be pressed again for Kaiden to slash his other sword, damaging opponents further and knocking them away. The Omega Attack variant has Kaiden charge up for a bit before throwing a powerful slash forward that deals heavy damage.

While charging, he has super armor. When used, Kaiden will leap forward while somersaulting. If he hits an opponent, he slashes his swords to damage them before leaping off of them, allowing him to use the move again. Otherwise, he will fall in a semi-helpless state. The Omega Attack variant allows him to travel farther and deal more damage. Up Special : Sword Scabbard sees Kaiden rising upward while slashing his sword, damaging opponents.

He then falls downward while thrusting his other sword down, dealing more damage. The Omega Attack variant allows him to rise higher. Down Special : Ferocious Charge is one of Kaiden's attacks in Champions of Ascerth 2 , where he deals light damage to an enemy and stuns them for a moment. In this game, Kaiden rushes forward while stabbing his sword, damaging opponents he hits. If the move is used in midair, Kaiden will rush to the ground while stabbing instead.

The Omega Attack variant allows him to travel faster and farther; the aerial variant can also meteor smash opponents. Omega Blitz : Champions is an attack named after the Champions of Ascerth series. When used, Kaiden slashes one of his swords to attack the opponent. If he is successful, they are locked in a cinematic where he summons the other characters in Champions of Ascerth 2 - Elina, Tamasha, and Seishan - to begin attacking the opponent. They rack up damage before Kaiden finishes with a powerful stab, sending the opponent back to the stage and knocking them away.

In this game, Kaiden released a war cry, causing him to begin glowing green aura. In this state, he is significantly faster, and his attacks can deal more damage and knockback. He remains in this state for 15 seconds; after this, there is a 15 second cooldown before the attack can be used again. For the first 10 seconds of this cooldown time, Kaiden's stats are slightly lowered as well.

Kaiden swings both of his swords in an outward motion, damaging opponents and reflecting projectiles. Combo 2 : Counter sees Kaiden enter a defensive position. If he is attacked during this time, he retaliates with a sword slash, damaging the opponent. Combo 3 : Whirlwind is one of Kaiden's attacks in Champions of Ascerth 2 , where he spins around with his swords to damage multiple enemies and knock them away.

In this game, Kaiden spins around with his sword, damaging opponents multiple times before launching them. While spinning, he can move back and forth. Combo 4 : Sword Beams sees Kaiden swing both of his swords in rapid succession, causing him to fire two beams forward; one that travels in a straight line in front of him and another that travels at a higher angle.

King K. Rool is the king of the Kremling Krew and the eternal rival of Donkey Kong. For unknown reasons, he has tried to steal Donkey Kong's Banana Hoard, though he always gets defeated in the end. However, sometimes he takes it a step further and kidnaps Kongs and even tries to blow up Donkey Kong Island. He has, notably, gone under many aliases, with some notable ones being Kaptain K.

Rool, Baron K. Roolenstein, and King Krusha K. Rool, being a heavyweight, has hard-hitting attacks and a somewhat linear recovery. However, he excels in zoning against his opponents, having several projectiles and stage control options at his disposal. As many of these moves lack the KO power other heavyweights have, K.

Rool encourages a defensive playstyle. Rool uses as Kaptain K. Using it, he would shoot cannonballs at Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong. When used in this game, he will take out the Blunderbuss and fire a cannonball forward, which damages opponents. If the special button is held, he will begin sucking the cannonball back into the Blunderbuss before firing it again. This can also be used to suck up opponents and launch them.

The Omega Attack version of the move sees K. Rool launching several spiked cannonballs at various angles, which heavily damage opponents they hit. Rool's signature attack during his boss battle in Donkey Kong Country , where he takes off his crown and throws it, leaving him vulnerable to attack.

In this game, King K. Rool will throw his crown to damage opponents as it comes back to him. If he doesn't catch the crown, it will land on the ground, and can be picked up and used by opponents as an item. When this happens, K. Rool cannot use the crown. After awhile, it will eventually disappear, then reappear on his head. The Omega Attack variant is largely the same, though the crown travels faster and farther. It will also loop around several times to damage opponents more times. Rool uses as Baron K.

He will fly around in the background, and Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong would need to throw cannonballs at him. When used in this game, King K. Rool puts it on and flies upward. While flying, he can move left or right. When he reaches full height, the helicopter pack will begin to malfunction before exploding, sending him into a helpless state and dealing heavy damage to nearby opponents.

The Omega Attack variant of the move allows K. Rool to fly higher and faster. He also covers himself in a field of electricity, shocking opponents that touch him. Down Special : Kounter is an attack that, while original in name, is identical to King K. In both games, King K. Rool's stomach will begin glowing green.

When attacked in this state, he will counter with a stomach slam. The Omega Attack variant of the move is largely the same, though he will slide forward when countering, allowing him to damage other opponents. Rool built in Donkey Kong In the game, he attempts to use it to destroy Donkey Kong Island, though the Kongs manage to stop him.

Rool will leap forward and send opponents he hits to Donkey Kong Island. He then sits on his throne on Krem Isle and activates the Blast-o-Matic, sending a beam that heavily damages opponents, sending them back to the stage. Trait : Kannonball Rain is based on one of King K. Rool's abilities during his boss battle in Donkey Kong Country , where he will jump on the other side of the arena and cause cannonballs to rain on Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, who must dodge them.

As King K. Rool's Trait move, when used he will stomp on the ground and cause a cannonball to rain on the opponent's head. The cannonball can then be picked up and thrown as an item to damage opponents. The move cannot be used again until the cannonball disappears. Combo 1 : Krusher is an attack based on one of King K. Rool's moves during his boss battle in Donkey Kong 64 , where he will create a shockwave by jumping on the ground.

In this game, he performs a similar move where he will jump upwards and land on the ground. This will damage opponents below him and cause a tremor that causes all ground-bound opponents to trip. Their snapping jaws make them immune to frontal attacks though can be dispatched easily with a projectile or jump. Rool will pull out a Klaptrap and throw it forward. The Klaptrap will begin racing forward and, if it touches an opponent, will bite them to deal damage.

However, the Klaptrap can be defated by opponent attacks. Combo 3 : Upperkut is an original attack based on typical rising uppercut attacks. When used, King K. Rool will leap upward while punching, damaging opponents he hits and falling into a helpless state afterwards.

Combo 4 : Kroc Slam is an attack based on one of King K. Rool's attacks in Donkey Kong Land , where he will leap upward and slam the ground with his belly. He does just that when the move is performed in this game. Not only will be bury opponents he hits, but he will also have super armor as he falls. He is a giant, fun-loving, anthropomorphic pitcher filled with cherry Kool-Aid and marked with a smiling face.

He appears in many commercials advertising the brand, where he will pour Kool-Aid from his own supply into glasses of water for dehydrated kids. However, as he uses his special and combo attacks, the Kool-Aid inside him will begin to deplete. As it goes away, Kool-Aid Man's attack power and weight decreases while his speed and jump height increase.

However, when the Kool-Aid is empty, he cannot use his attacks and must use his down special to replenish it. It should be noted that the Omega Attack variants of his specials do not use up the Kool-Aid supply. Despite its appearance, it is not a projectile and as such cannot be reflected.

The Omega Attack variant of the move covers a much wider range and deals more damage. Opponents who step in the Kool-Aid will slip, leaving them vulnerable for attack. It will disappear eventually however. The Omega Attack variant creates a larger puddle that is more difficult to avoid. While moving, directional inputs can be used to alter his direction. The Kool-Aid can also push opponents around.

Afterwards, he falls into a helpless state. When this happens, the Kool-Aid inside of him will begin to refill, allowing him to use his special and combo attacks more. He can continue drinking until he is filled up by holding the special button, though is left vulnerable while drinking.

When this happens, any opponents standing on the ground will be launched into the air, where Kool-Aid Man will rise upwards and begin hitting them with Kool-Aid-infused punches and kicks. By default, the Kool-Aid is red, where it deals the most damage, though he can change it to blue and purple.

When blue, the Kool-Aid deals less damage but has a chance at freezing opponents. When purple, the Kool-Aid deals even less damage, but has a chance at inflicting poison on opponents, making them gradually take damage. Opponents nearby will become stunned, leaving them vulnerable. However, the move has low range and only effects opponents facing him.

When used in midair, opponents will only suffer light damage and knockback. Combo 3 : Kool-Aid Stomp has Kool-Aid Man leap upward before stomping on the ground, heavily damaging opponents he lands on. Once he lands, Kool-Aid splashes from above him, dealing damage to opponents above him. When used in midair, he simply falls downwards. He can damage opponents he hits, and the resulting puddle of Kool-Aid can cause opponents to slip.

It evolves from Fomantis. It both looks and smells like a flower, a trait that allows it to lure in prey and attack. Its brilliant coloration and elegant movements give it the title of "the most glamorous Grass-type". Similar to how Lurantis is modeled after a praying mantis, many of its attacks are based off of mantid movements, mainly utilizing its large scythe-like hands to slice through its foes.

In terms of stats, it is a rather lightweight fighter that can be knocked back easily. However, its long-ranged and heavy-damaging attacks allow it to fend itself effectively. When used, Lurantis slashes its arms in an "X" shape, damaging nearby opponents and reflecting projectiles. By holding the special button, the move will charge, allowing it to deal more damage.

The Omega Attack variant has Lurantis make a bigger "X", covering more range and dealing more damage. When used, Lurantis dashes forward while slashing its hands, damaging opponents multiple times before launching them. If the move is used in midair, Lurantis will dash in a diagonally-downwards angle. The Omega Attack variant sees Lurantis dashing faster and farther. When used, Lurantis will quickly jump upward while slashing with its hand, damaging opponents it hits as it rises.

Afterwards, it falls into a helpless state. The Omega Attack variant sees Lurantis rise higher, as well as damaging opponents multiple times. When used, Lurantis will enter a defensive state, putting its hands in front of itself. If attacked, it will quickly dodge and trap the opponent in its hands, biting them. The special button can be pressed multiple times for it to continue biting to rack up damage, and directional inputs can be used for it to throw the opponent.

The Omega Attack variant increases the counter window when Lurantis uses the move, making it easier to land. It can also bite opponents faster. When used, it raises its hand into the air to take in solar energy. After a bit, it pauses before slashing forward, unleashing a massive wave of energy that deals heavy damage and knockback to opponents it hits. When used, Lurantis will crouch and begin to take in sunlight. It can hold this state if the Trait button is held.

Though it is left vulnerable to attack, if it stays in this state for 25 combined seconds, it will begin flashing. Using the move again allows it to use Solar Beam , a damage-dealing Grass-type move introduced in Generation I. It will slash forward, creating a massive beam of energy that damages opponents multiple times before launching them. The beam can also be angled with directional inputs.

When used, Lurantis spins around as leaves surround itself, damaging opponents multiple times before launching them. It can also pull in nearby opponents to damage them. When used, Lurantis will throw a pink, razor-sharp leaf forward that damages opponents. The leaf can be angled when thrown as well. When used, Lurantis will crouch and sweep its hand across the ground.

Although the move deals little damage, it deals set knockback, and can set up for combos. Combo 4 : Toxic is a non-damaging Poison-type move introduced in Generation I. When used, Lurantis will coat itself in toxic liquid, indicated by purple bubbles that it emits.

In this state, its next attack will deal more damage, and has a chance of inflicting poison on opponents. However, repeated uses of the move will lower the likelihood. Meta Ridley is none other than Ridley, reborn and cybernetically enhanced through Space Pirate technology. After Ridley's defeat in the depths of Norfair, the Space Pirates stationed on Zebes presumably took his remains and resurrected him by conversion into a cyborg.

In addition to the abilities he previously had, Meta Ridley is armed with several weapons, including a bomb dropper and a missile launcher. He is a heavy character with a large frame, making him rather easy to combo. However, his large frame also grants him a lot of range in his attacks. His heavyweight status also allows him to dish out massive amounts of damage, allowing him to KO opponents easily.

His wings also provide him multiple midair jumps, making for a good recovery. When used, Meta Ridley will spit out a fireball, which quickly bounces along the ground to damage opponents. When charged, Ridley can spit multiple fireballs at a time, up to five. The Omega Attack variant allows Meta Ridley to fire eight fireballs, and doesn't need to be charged. When used, Meta Ridley dashes forward. If he grabs an opponent on the ground, he drags them across the ground as he dashes forward, damaging them before throwing them.

If he grabs an opponent in the air, he flies into the ground, performing a piledriver. The Omega Attack variant deals more damage. When used, Meta Ridley rushes in the direction the control stick is held in, damaging opponents he hits before falling into a helpless state.

The Omega Attack variant allows him to travel further and deal more damage. When used, he crashes onto the ground with his tail, dealing damage to anyone below. The button can be pressed continually for him to continue bouncing. When used, Meta Ridley rushes forward. If he hits an opponent, they are sent to space and land on Samus' gunship. As it flies, Meta Ridley appears and fire a beam of plasma energy at them, sending them back to the stage and dealing heavy damage.

When used, he jumps upward and crashes onto the ground, sending fiery shockwaves outward. The move gets stronger when it is not used, and charges over time. Combo 1 : Missile Launch sees Meta Ridley firing three homing missiles at opponents, which explode on impact.

When used, Meta Ridley will fire a single, constant beam of plasma energy forward, which damages opponents multiple times before launching them. When used, Ridley will stab his tail forward, damaging opponents. When used, he will launch a small bomb in an arc, which explodes after a short time and damaging any opponents in the blast radius.

After the blast, it leaves a yellow field of gas in its wake, which gradually damages opponents in it before disappearing. Plankton runs the Chum Bucket, the direct competitor to the Krusty Krab, and is constantly plotting schemes to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula to run Mr. Krabs out of business. While Karen, his computer wife, has helped him on some of his schemes, she usually ignores him and often accuses him for failing. Despite this, the two still love each other very much.

Plankton and Karen fight as a duo. While the player mainly controls Karen, Plankton is found on top of her head, using levers to control her. He does, however, use attacks of his own. In terms of stats, they are a heavyweight fighter that are easy to launch. However, Karen can move at quick speeds almost akin to those of middleweights, and because of their wide range of disjointed attacks and projectiles, they are very good on the offense.

Through their Trait however, their stats are able to change based on an opponent's strengths and weaknesses. These changes are different depending on the character, and can change attributes such as speed, weight, jump height, attack power, and even range. They fire two globs of chum which travel in an arc, damaging opponents. Wen they hit the ground, they can cause opponents to slip, leaving them vulnerable.

The Omega Attack variant sees Karen fire five globs of chum as opposed to two. Karen uses it in the same fashion; she spins her arms around, damaging opponents multiple times before launching them. She can also move back and forth while spinning, as well as reflect projectiles. The Omega Attack variant is not only stronger, but has a vacuumbox that can pull in opponents nearby. Up Special : Boost has Plankton activate a rocket thruster under Karen's body, which allows them to quickly boost in the direction the control stick is held.

They can boost up to three times before falling into a helpless state. If the Omega Attack variant is used, the two will boost much farther and damage opponents they hit. Down Special : Hypnotize sees Karen's screen opening a black-and-white swirl, which will cause opponents to be stunned, leaving them vulnerable.

The attack will only work if the opponent is facing Karen however. The Omega Attack variant increases range and the effectiveness. This transforms her body into a massive, hulking machine. She stomps on the ground, stunning opponents, and them rushes forward, damaging and launching whoever she hits. Trait : Secret Formula is a unique ability that sees Karen examining opponents via a green ray.

If they are close enough, they are locked in place as Karen scans them, determining their strengths and weaknesses. After this, for a short time, Plankton and Karen's stats are changed to counter the character's strengths and exploit their weaknesses.

Repeated uses of the move will lower the time the stats are changed however. Combo 1 : Computer Laser is a move that sees Karen firing a bright-green laser forward, damaging opponents. Combo 2 : Shrink Ray sees Plankton pull out a shrink ray and fire it forward. Opponents hit by it will be shrunk for a short time, lowering their weight and attack power. Combo 3 : Chum Missile sees Plankton activating a missile launcher within Karen's screen, which fires a chum-covered missile. It targets the nearest opponent and flies directly towards them, exploding on impact.

Combo 4 : Chum Bucket Smash is an attack that has Plankton pull out a remote and push a button. A large crosshair will appear over a random fighter as the Chum Bucket falls through the stage from above, crushing them. Wario and Waluigi are a duo of characters who commonly appear in the Mario series.

The two are partners and are known to concoct schemes against their rivals, the famed Mario Bros. While Wario is short and chubby, Waluigi is tall and lanky. The two often have a love-hate relationship, though in general they have bad chemistry with everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom but each other. They often tag along with the other Mushroom Kingdom residents in sporting events and parties. Brawl ; one will be controlled by the player, while the other will follow. By using their Trait, they will switch places, allowing for different attacks and movesets.

However, both will be eliminated if one is KO'ed. In terms of stats, Wario is a rather quick heavyweight with strong attacks that lack range. Inversely, Waluigi is a fast lightweight that lacks a lot of the strength Wario has, but makes up for it in range. In both games, Wario will open his mouth. If the special button is held, he will keep it open. It an opponent is nearby, Wario will bite down on them, damaging them. The special button can then be pressed several times to deal damage before throwing them.

The Omega Attack variant allows Wario to bite for longer and deal more damage. Ultra-Hand was a toy produced by Nintendo during the late s. It was an extendable claw that was able to grab small orbs perched atop rods. In Stampede Breakfast 3, Waluigi will pull out an Ultra-Hand and use it in a similar fashion to Wario's Ultra-Hand Return in Mario Power Tennis ; he extends it forward, with directional inputs allowing him to alter the direction it is stretched in.

If it grabs an item, it will be dragged back to Waluigi, who will immediately grab it. If it grabs an opponent, Waluigi will be dragged into them as he attacks with a kick, launching them. This move can also be used to grab ledges to act as a tether recovery. Side Special : Bob-omb Toss and Bob-omb Set used by Wario and Waluigi respectively are both attacks that utilize Bob-ombs, mechanical bombs that appear as common enemies or items in the Mario series.

Wario and Waluigi have an affiliation with them, using them in a variety of Mario spin-off games. In the former attack, Wario tosses a Bob-omb forward in an arc, with directional inputs being able to alter it. It will explode on impact. In the latter attack, Waluigi lights the Bob-omb's fuse and sets it on the ground, allowing it to move around the area, exploding on contact with a fighter or on its own after a short time.

In both attacks, the blast radius can damage all fighters, including Wario and Waluigi. The Omega Attack variant of each attack have them use King Bob-omb instead, which produces a much bigger blast radius. Furthermore, they cannot be launched from it. In both games, Wario will spin around as he rises upwards, damaging opponents multiple times before launching them.

Whirluigi is Waluigi's Offensive Power Shot in Mario Power Tennis , where he spins around before hitting the ball with his tennis racket. In this game, Waluigi spins around as he rises upward and damages opponents, much like Wario. Between the two attacks, Corkscrew has more horizontal mobility while Whirluigi has more vertical mobility. Both attacks also send the user into a helpless state afterwards. The Omega Attack variant of both moves will travel higher, as well as pull in opponents to damage them.

As their name suggests, they contain Coins that Wario can collect. In this game, he pulls out a Money Bag and shakes it, causing Coins to fly at various angles and damage opponents they hit. He can continue shaking if the special button is held, though the bag will eventually run out. Wall-Luigi is Waluigi's Super Ability in Mario Strikers Charged , where he creates a wall of thorns behind himself to block the ball and opponents.

In this game, Waluigi will create a wall of thorns in front of himself, and can hold it if the special button is held. This wall will reflect projectiles, though can be broken with opponent attacks. The Omega Attack variant has Waluigi instead create several walls of thorns, which damage opponents.

In the game, Bowser enlists on the help of Wario and Waluigi to defeat Mario and Luigi in the tennis finals. The two use a special machine to launch Bob-ombs at the heroes when they storm into the stadium. In Stampede Breakfast 3, Wario and Waluigi pull out this machine and hop on it as it launches Bob-ombs into the air.

It will, however, begin to short-circuit and explode, sending them back into their original position. Afterwards, several Bob-ombs will rain from above, which explode on impact and damage opponents. Trait : Switch is an action that involves Wario and Waluigi switching places. When this happens, the one who the player was using will become the follower, and vice-versa. This allows the player to swap their stats and moveset. However, upon switching they will share each other's damage.

There are a few frames of intangibility while switching, though repeated uses of the move in succession will remove these intangibility frames. Combo 1 : Dash Attack is Wario's signature attack in the Wario Land series, involving him dashing forward with his shoulder, defeating enemies and destroying obstacles in his way.

When used in this game, Wario will dash forward with his shoulder, damaging opponents he hits. While dashing, he can also jump to hit midair opponents. In this game, Waluigi will moonwalk backwards as he sparkles. He is invincible while performing the move, and opponents who touch him will be inflicted with paralysis, leaving them vulnerable. The move involves him punching the ground, causing an earthquake that stuns enemies and moves around obstacles.

In this game, Wario will hit the ground with his fist. This causes a stage-wide tremor that causes all ground-bound opponents to trip, leaving them vulnerable. Opponents near Wario will suffer damage, and if used near the ledge, the move can meteor smash midair opponents. He does just that when the attack is used; he stomps on the ground four times, which can bury grounded opponents and leave them vulnerable. If used in midair, the last stomp can meteor smash opponents.

It is functionally the same in this game; Wario opens his mouth as he breathes yellow gas, which stuns opponents caught in it, leaving them vulnerable. When used, Waluigi will put a rose in his mouth and snap his fingers, causing a spotlight to appear in front of him. Opponents in this spotlight will have a flower grow out of their head, which causes them to take gradual damage for a short time.

In this game, either Wario will punch or Waluigi will kick; if successful, opponents are locked into a cinematic where either of them attack. If Wario attacks, he eats a head of garlic, making his muscles grow in size before he delivers a powerful uppercut, launching opponents upward. If Waluigi attacks, he puts a rose in his mouth and strikes a pose as spotlights shine on him.

He will then begin dancing in the opponent, damaging them multiple times before launching them with an axle kick. X was the final creation of Dr. He was created to be a robot with the ability to think and feel emotions independently, not bound by the laws of robotics. However, fearing that the world was not ready for him, X was sealed in a containment capsule to test his capabilities and ensure they were safe. About years later, X was found by Dr.

Cain, who was inspired by X's capabilities and went on to mass-produce similar robots called Reploids. Since then, X became a "Maverick Hunter", having the duty of protecting the world from rouge Reploids. X is a fairly middleweight character. His playstyle is inspired from the Mega Man X games, and as such he is incredibly fast and aggressive.

He also has a lot of range in his attacks, and can land painful blows to opponents and KO them easily. He has a unique attribute in that, through his Trait, he can store a charge to make his attacks produce different effects. Though somewhat similar to the Omega Attack variants other characters have, these go beyond simple attack buffs, and extend to his combo moves as well. When used, he launches a torpedo out of his X-Buster, which flies forward.

It homes in on the nearest opponent and chases them down, exploding on impact. However, they will explode on their own if they don't hit an opponent for awhile. If charged with his Trait, X will fire six of these missiles at once. The Omega Attack variant of the move increases the torpedoes' speed and attack power. When used, he launches a chain from his X-Buster, which travels forward a short distance before returning to him.

Opponents and items caught in the chain will be dragged toward him, which he attacks with a punch or picks up the item respectively. X can also draw himself towards walls and ledges to cling onto them. If charged with his Trait, the chain will instead pass through opponents to damage them. The Omega Attack variant of the move increases the chain's range. When used, X performs a fire-enhanced rising uppercut, damaging opponents he hits and falling into a helpless state afterwards.

If charged with his Trait, X will instead shoot a fireball upwards, which damages opponents multiple times before it explodes. The Omega Attack variant of the standard move allows X to rise higher and deal more damage, while the Omega Attack variant of the charged move has him fire three fireballs. When used, X fires a small, spiked disc from his X-Buster, which will roll across the ground and travel up walls and ceilings, damaging opponents it hits before it disappears.

If charged with his Trait, X instead shoots a disc forward, which sends eight small energy projectiles in all directions. The Omega Attack variant of the move increases the disc's size and in turn doubles the number of electric projectiles fired if the charged move is used. Omega Blitz : Giga Crush is a special ability that X can use in most games starting with Mega Man X2 , which defeats all enemies on-screen at once.

When used, X emits a powerful blast of electric energy around himself, which damages opponents multiple times before violently launching them. Opponents outside of range will sill suffer damage, but won't flinch. By default, it fires small beams of energy that can damage enemies, but can be charged up. When used, X will simply fire a beam, which deals light damage. However, he can continually fire beams by tapping the Trait button, even when he's moving or jumping.

If the Trait button is held, X will charge the attack. Once fully charged, it can be stored, signified by X flashing white, and allows him to use a stronger variant of his specials or combos. If the Trait is used while charged, X will fire a much stronger beam that travels through opponents and deals heavy damage and knockback.

When used, X fires a stream of flames from his X-Vuster, damaging opponents multiple times before launching them. If charged with his Trait, X instead launches a fireball that travels slowly along the ground, creating pillars of flames as it travels. When used, X fires a laser from his X-Buster, which travels forward rather quickly.

It then disperses into three separate lasers that travel in different directions. If charged with his Trait, X instead dashes forward while flashing rainbow colors, stunning any opponents he hits and leaving them vulnerable. When used, X fires a horizontal cyclone of air from his X-Buster, which damages opponents multiple times before launching them.

If charged with his Trait, X instead creates a large, vertical cyclone that deals heavy damage to opponents caught in it. It also has vacuumboxes, which drag in nearby opponents. When used, X throws a beam of energy resembling a boomerang that travels in a circular motion, damaging opponents it hits and grabbing items before returning to him.

If charged with his Trait, X instead surrounds himself with eight boomerang-like beams that begin spinning around him, dissipating afterwards. Zephyr is a purple, salvic dragon, easily recognizable by his pointed limbs and fiery wings. Not much is known about him or his past, though his destiny is to become the most powerful warrior to have ever lived.

Despite this, he can be quite laid back at times, and though has a stoic and cold demeanor, he actually has a heart of gold. It is said he got his electrical abilities from the master who trained him, though he eventually overpowered him. Zephyr is an average middle-heavyweight, possessing quick mobility all around.

His wings allow him to jump in the air six times as well as glide for a short time, making for a decent recovery as well. His attacks are also strong and ranged, allowing him to KO opponents quite easily.

However, he suffers against opponents with a potent camping game, despite having a projectile himself. His recovery, though excellent in terms of distance, can be gimped easily. Neutral Special : Fire Breath sees Zephyr breath flames from his mouth, damaging opponents in front of him. If the button is tapped, Zephyr simply breathes a fireball that flies forward.

If the button is held however, he instead breaths a stream of fire that damages opponents multiple times. The Omega Attack variant has Zaphyr breath five fireballs that travel forward quickly, dealing heavy damage to opponents. Side Special : Thunder Dash has Zephyr rush forward while discharging electricity around himself. Opponents hit by the attack will suffer paralysis, leaving them vulnerable to attack.

If used in midair, he falls into a helpless state. The Omega Attack variant allows Zephyr to move much farther and deal more damage. Up Special : Slavic Ascent sees Zaphyr dash in the direction the control stick is held, damaging opponents he hits and falling into a helpless state afterwards.

The Omega Attack variant allows Zephyr to travel a greater distance as well as encase himself in electricity, providing higher damage and invincibility. Down Special : Spiked Ring has Zephyr throw one of his spiked rings forward, which returns to him in a boomerang-like fashion. The ring can be thrown in any direction, though if it hits the ground, it will move across it, regardless of what angle it hits it at. The ring will damage opponents as it moves. The Omega Attack variant has Zephyr throw two spiked rings at once, each traveling in the opposite direction from one another.

Omega Blitz : Dragon Finisher has Zephyr fly forward at a quick speed. If he hits an opponent, they are locked in a cinematic where they are knocked into a rock on a grassland at sunset. Zephyr then appears and launches a massive beam of fire and electricity, heavily damaging the opponents and sending them back to the stage, launching them. Trait : Dragon's Rage is a powerful move that has Zephyr enter a vulnerable state for a few seconds. In this state, he is able to float through the air freely, though can be attacked.

After this, Zephyr unleashes a massive electric shock around himself that deals extreme damage and knockback to opponents caught in the blast radius. Combo 1 : Thunder Assault has Zephyr leap upward into the air and crash downward onto the ground headfirst, creating an electric shockwave when he lands that damages opponents.

If used in midair, he will simply fall downward. If successful, he takes the opponent and either drags them across the ground while moving forward or takes them and performs a piledriver into the ground depending on if the move is used on the ground or in the air. Combo 3 : Boulder Crush has Zephyr dig into the ground and pull up a boulder with his hands. He chucks it in an arc, dealing heavy damage to opponents that get hit by it.

Combo 4 : Dragon Claw is a weak attack that simply sees Zephyr slashing his claw forward. If it connects however, he can immediately follow up with another attack with no startup lag, potentially setting up for a combo or KO. Assist Characters can be summoned during battle to help the player. After selecting a fighter, players can select an Assist Character, which can be summoned by collecting a Summon Sphere when it appears randomly on the stage.

Whoever collects this Summon Sphere first will be able to summon their Assist Character. Red Assists focus on attacking opponents, while Blue Assists focus on making the player stronger. Green Assists don't specialize in anything in particular, and their abilities don't affect fighters directly.

Bendy is the titular character of Bendy and the Ink Machine , appearing as one of the main. He is an animated cartoon character created by Joey Drew Studios. Throughout the game, he appears in the form of a cardboard cutout who frequently appears around the factory. The cutouts themselves seem to be sentient, and often follow the player around the factory. When Bendy is summoned, he appears as a cardboard cutout that remains stationary on the stage.

While Bendy himself does nothing, ink will begin covering the stage. This causes players to travel slower and have lower jump height, though the summoner is unaffected. After awhile, Bendy will disappear, with the ink disappearing as well. In the game, the player controls a rectangular box with the arrow keys.

This block must be flipped over in such a way that it can fall down the hole without falling off the stage, beating the level. Later levels introduce new mechanics, such as a button that splits the block in two different, square blocks. It moves around randomly and can fall off the ledge, though it will respawn in the center when this happens. After awhile, it will disappear. Centipede is the main antagonist of the aptly named Atari game Centipede. The goal of the game was to shoot down the Centipede to defeat it.

This would be done by shooting the head. However, shooting any of its body segments would cause it to split into two, making defeating it harder. The Centipede changes direction when it hits mushroom-like objects placed around the screen. When Centipede is summoned, several mushroom blocks will appear on the stage. These can be used as platforms, but can be attacked to make them disappear.

The Centipede will then appear, bouncing along these mushrooms and passing through platforms. The Centipede will damage opponents it hits. It can be defeated by repeatedly damaging the head. Like in the original game however, destroying one of the body segments cause it to split in two.

After awhile, the Centipede s leaves the stage. Coffina is a vagabond that travels around the Zaxinian Lifts. Though silent and generally creepy, she's usually laid-back and has a strong sense of courage. As her name implies, she resides in a coffin, supported and moved around by red tentacles. She calls these her friends, and the all cooperate mutually together.

When Coffina is summoned, she will begin moving around the stage. If she encounters an opponent, the tentacles grab them and pull them under the coffin, where they will be damaged heavily. Afterwards, Coffina pulls them from inside the coffin and throws them. She repeats this every time she encounters an opponent, and disappears after a short time.

Cuphead is the titular protagonist of Cuphead. In the game, he and his brother Mugman make a deal with the Devil while playing at a casino, and are forced to work as his slaves when they lose, capturing their souls. The two beg for mercy, and the Devil says that they can free themselves if they capture the souls of others who failed to obey his will. When Cuphead is summoned, he will begin running and jumping around the stage, shooting bullets from his finger that deal light damage to opponents.

These bullets will can be fired in any direction, though Cuphead will usually aim for the nearest opponent. After awhile, he disappears. Golden Freddy is one of the five animatronics that appears in Five Night's at Freddy's , becoming an important part of the series since its debut in the first game. It is a hallucination-like animatronic that can appear in the Office after a certain series of events have been triggered.

When it appears in the Office, the player must pull up the monitor to make it disappear. Should it remain on-screen long enough, it will jumpscare the player. When Golden Freddy is summoned, it will begin teleporting randomly around the stage. If a fighter comes close by, it will jumpsare them, dealing heavy damage and knockback. After awhile, Golden Freddy will disappear.

Lil' Sparkies are enemies that first appeared in Super Mario Bros. They are typically invincible enemies that will move along surfaces and hug to walls and ceilings, damaging the player if they hit them. They can be defeated with certain projectiles however, such as a Mushroom Block. Like in its original appearances, it will move along the ground, hugging walls and ceilings it travels on and burning opponents it hits.

It can also occasionally release a burst of electricity, dealing more damage. Meran is the titular protagonist of Ghostrealm Stuidos' metroidvania Meran. They wear a robe with light armor, with their main weapon being a boomerang. Not much is known about their background, such as their origin and gender, though they do express personality traits in that they sit and fiddle with their boomerang if there is nothing to do.

As such, Meran moreso act as a vessel for the player's actions. When Meran is summoned, they begin running and jumping around the stage.


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