best platform games playstation 2

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Best platform games playstation 2 royal panda casino review

Best platform games playstation 2

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Spread across a range of large, open levels, which actually made use of vehicle modes, you could pick from three different Autobots Optimus Prime, Red Alert, and Hot Shot to embark on some very challenging missions, with many ending in a difficult boss battle against a notable Decepticon, such as Starscream. Each Autobot had strengths and weaknesses, and the Mini-con feature, which used tiny, collectible robots, could add all sorts of user-configurable powers to the heroes, granting better firepower, defense, higher jumps, and so on.

You could even equip a hang-glider power that allowed limited flight. It looked great, controlled well, and was a real surprise for fans who had gotten so used to video games taking a dunp on their beloved franchise. You controlled Joseph, a Summoner who could call into battle various powerful creatures.

As well as Joseph, other party members also joined the quest, and you could take control of these, too. The game featured a myriad of side quests, and combat was real time. It possessed similar gameplay to the first game in the series, albeit with better visuals, and the 2. As one of the few survivors left on an artificial island city, you have to escape the collapsing urban environment, surviving harrowing situations as you go.

The two help each other out, and proceed through the city, surviving aftershocks and the troubles that they bring. Surviving in the city not only required plenty of agility and avoidance of collapsing buildings, but you also had to find water to keep your energy levels up, and the other survivors you encountered would need to be looked after.

There was even a choice of companion, with each opening up different areas to explore. It was a great little game that came out of nowhere, and disappeared just as fast. It was good storytelling, all wrapped up in beautiful 2D, side-scrolling combat, and with five character stories to play through, magic to wield, a cooking system, and a crafting element that allowed for the creation of new items, there was plenty to do.

Konoko learns that her true past has been hidden from her by the TCTF, and she attempts to find the truth, which leads to plenty of shooting and fighting. For every death, you progressed that little bit further, and this brought with it a sense of real achievement. As the initially nameless agent known only as XIII, you had to progress through the various, comic-style levels to uncover a sinister conspiracy.

The game was a traditional FPS, based on an 80s comic book of the same name. The action is presented in a slick, comic panel style, with kills popping up as separate panels for added effect. It was a long and enjoyable title that delivered a different take on the standard FPS formula, but it was sadly never revisited. This was an impressive, and sprawling RPG set in a futuristic, Wild West-themed world ruled by invading aliens.

As protagonist Dean, players teamed up with various other characters, and used the ARM weapon system to combat foes. Protagonist Jericho Cross was an outlaw on the verge of one of his biggest train robberies.

Unfortunately, he targeted a train belonging to the Darkwatch, an order of monster hunters, and he released a powerful vampire lord. It had a great art style, and was originally planned as a series, but this never happened as the sequel was canned. This was achieved using a negotiation system in which you had to persuade a demon to fight for you.

Some demons were easy to recruit, while others were far more difficult. These demons could also be fused together to create more powerful creatures. Oh, good lord. Racing through the streets of London instead of the usual American cities was a breath of fresh air. Oh, and ignore the sequel, it was rubbish. Travelling through four different demonic dimensions, Jen and her partner, a gargoyle called Scree, fought all sorts of creatures.

As she entered each realm, Jen gained the ability to transform into a demon representing that realm. These forms granted her various abilities, such as powerful attacks, long range strikes, and the ability to breathe underwater. Torque is sent to Abbot State Penitentiary, which soon gets hit by an earthquake, unleashing all sorts of hellish creatures, which Torque has to deal with.

Each creature personified a method of execution used on the prisoners of Abbot State over the years. There were some genuine scares to be had, and the mixture of shotgunning nasties and solving various puzzles worked well, all supported by a good story. You see, this relatively unknown third-person shooter from Namco is widely credited as creating, or at least popularizing the cover mechanic we now see so often.

The game stars soldier Nick Bishop, who is remotely controlled by an operator elsewhere, and as the game progresses, Nick experiences flashbacks of repressed memories, leading to plot twists and a conspiracy. It was a fairly bare bones, budget game, with minimal polish, but it played very well, and the cover system made it stand out, giving combat a big enough twist, and an enjoyable one at that.

This is one of the biggest gaming mascot-type characters to fail to make it as big as it should have. Initially developed by Infamous developer Sucker Punch, the game is a cult classic and successfully merged 3D platforming with stealth elements. Each game, including this debut outing, saw the titular Raccoon thief pull off various heists and engage in boss battles.

Sly could use the world to his advantage, shimmying up drainpipes, perching on vantage points, and hiding so he could execute stealth attacks. He also fought foes face to face, but this was a noisy option. The end result was a great example of 3D platforming that demonstrated the genre could be more flexible and varied than it usually was. As amnesiac solider Nick Scryer, you embarked on a series of missions to combat an evil regime, at the same time uncovering both your past and your forgotten psychic powers, such as telekinesis, pyrokinesis, mind control, and remote viewing.

These could be used at your discretion during your missions, and you were often allowed to experiment and tackle combat situations as you saw fit. The game itself, being a more action-oriented third-person shooter, was a little more appealing to a larger audience.

Despite this, it still failed to make major waves, and was never heard from again. You played as a young school girl armed only with the Camera Obscura. This was a magical camera that could exorcise spirits, and it was your only defense against the supernatural. The fear you felt due to being so defenseless made this a very unnerving experience, and as the story was supposedly based on various real events, it only made it all the more effective at getting your heart going and wearing out the edge of your seat.

Team leader Carter could interrogate people and access high security doors, engineer Andre could repair machinery, Minoko was the hacker of the team, and Amber was a powerful cyborg, capable of surviving hostile environments. Although it made its debut on the GameCube, the title also arrived on the PlayStation 2, potentially opening up the bizarre adventure to a new, larger audience, but it failed to do so, and the title remains a polarizing cult classic.

Instead of focusing on the actual events of the movie, the game took place a few days afterwards. A team of U. The game used an AI teammate system, giving player character Blake plenty of allies. These allies were made up of engineers, soldiers, and medics, and their skills were used to progress through the various locations.

Eventually, Blake discovered the truth, and after battling an army of alien beasts using guns, flame throwers, and other methods, he located the alien ship and did battle with the big bad Thing itself, with the help of none other than MacReady. After the murder of Julius Caesar, Agrippa returns to find his father implicated in the murder, and his mother sentenced to death.

Agrippa is captured attempting to free his mother, and is sent to the Colosseum to participate in the gladiatorial games. The combat engine in the game was, as to be expected from a Capcom game, pretty solid, and the gladiatorial sections were challenging and satisfying.

Agrippa could use all sorts of vicious weapons, even the severed arms of his enemies, and the arena changed and featured various combat challenges to keep things interesting, including chariot races. There were also sections for Agrippa outside of the arena.

As protagonist Roan, you had to brave all sorts of procedurally generated dungeons fighting the forces of an evil genie in order to rebuild the world and its villages. Once returned, villagers could then instruct Roan on the rebuilding of the area, and once a village was complete after meeting various requirements , you could proceed to the next village, advancing the quest.

These needed repairing after a lot of use, and custom weapons could be created. The modes alternated as the song progressed, meaning players had to quickly change from attack to guard, and so on. It was set to a backdrop of a fictional Russian invasion of the U.

Instead, he packed assault rifles and Molotovs, and used guerilla tactics to take down the Red machine. You infiltrated enemy bases, sabotaged supplies, and generally became a major thorn in the side of the invading army. All of this took place within an occupied New York. As you succeeded in your goals, you gained charisma. The more charisma you had, the more followers you could lead. You could tell these allies to follow, defend, and attack, which was simple squad commanding, but functional.

Each chapter was made up of various missions, and your actions in one mission could affect events in another, with some actions weakening the Russian military presence in later missions. Of course you have. Armed with your trusty riot shield, and a host of other weapons, your job was to take down criminals and gang members, often having to find and subdue a gang leader with a non-lethal attack, at the same time rescuing hostages.

Along the way, you enlisted help from paramedics and firefighters who could heal people, put out fires, and break open doors. Your performance was rated in every mission in a number of ways, such as accuracy, collectibles, and so on. Special challenge missions also let you unlock better weapons. Head shots in particular were gratifying and often the best way to take out foes, so mastering it was important , and the riot shield opened up new game mechanics, such as having to slowly approach a hostage-holding gang member, shielding yourself from fire until you could get in that elusive headshot.

Eventually, Hyakkimaru heard a heavenly voice tell him that if he slew the fiends that took his body parts, he could regain them, and his humanity. Armed with a deadly katana and twin blades concealed in his arms, as well as an arm-mounted machine gun and a leg-mounted bazooka, Hyakkimaru set out to find and defeat the 48 fiends, accompanied by his companion, the young thief, Dororo. Hyakkimaru and his implanted weapons made for a great combat character, with all sorts of crazy moves and combos, which could be upgraded as you progressed.

The levels were varied, and there was no cheating or shortcuts taken. Spyro the Dragon. Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. Rise of the Tomb Raider. Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! Rayman Legends Vita. Rayman Legends. Rayman Origins. Tearaway Vita. Crash Bandicoot. Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon.

Rayman Origins Vita. Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. Rogue Legacy. Sonic Generations. Sly 2: Band of Thieves. Super Turbo Championship Edition. Little Nightmares. Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus Vita. LittleBigPlanet 2. LittleBigPlanet Vita. Dust: An Elysian Tail. Super Meat Boy.

Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. Mirror's Edge. Sly 2: Band of Thieves Vita. Trials Fusion. Tomb Raider: Anniversary. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Trine Enchanted Edition. Thomas Was Alone. Tomb Raider: Legend. Tearaway Unfolded.

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The only way to stop it is to deploy and ancient beam cannon, Codename: Enigma. Join Mega Man X and his pal, Zero as they race against time to collect the necessary parts to restart Enigma, prevent total annihilation and save life on Earth!

Armed with his light sword, Cypher, Strider blazes through the darkness to battle the evil dictator, Grandmasters. Featuring 2 discs of gritty action-adventure, this highly anticipated sequel also includes an incredible bonus… the original Strider game. Join Klonoa on a fantastic journey in the land of Phantomile, where the mysterious crash of a flying ship starts an epic quest through colorful worlds of thrills and danger. The levels are diverse and continually interesting, and the bosses are excellent.

The difficulty ramps up nicely, beginning with the incredibly easy first level and climaxes with an incredibly challenging — and satisfying — end game sequence. Those our picks for the 10 best platforming games on the PS1, but there are still great genre titles that deserve a shout out. These are just another handful of quality recommendations — if interested, click the links to see pricing at eBay:. Those are our selections, but please make sure to let us know your favorites in the comment section and tell us know why they are worth checking out.

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Sure, there are plenty of great entertainment centers and TV stands When it comes to the PlayStation 3 PS3 , there are several different models and configurations — making it difficult to determine which piece of hardware you are actually dealing with. Skip to content. The 10 Best PS1 Platformers: 1. These are just another handful of quality recommendations — if interested, click the links to see pricing at eBay: Croc series Tomba! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Scores are not only based on time but also items collected and enemies defeated along the way. You can either play single-player, switching between Tak and Lock, or play two-player mode when each player takes control of either character. For some reason, SpongeBob SquarePants was a very big deal in the early s. Its oddball humor and expressive characters were frequently integrated into video games, with the game in question, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, being based on the movie of the same name.

The game was so well received, it was later ported over to the PlayStation 3 in , 8 years after its initial release. The Ape Escape series made its start on PlayStation 1 and was the first game to use the then-new dual analog sticks which have become an industry standard. Like its predecessor, in Ape Escape 2 you control Hikaru as he goes through various levels trying to catch monkeys.

Throughout the game, you unlock many different gadgets, some returning from the original and others that are new to the series. The return gadgets are the monkey net, dash hoop, and the stun club. New gadgets introduced in the game are the bananarang, water cannon, and electromagnet. Similar to the games the series originated from, Maximo: Ghosts to Glory is very hard. You have a sword and shield but can also pick up armor and other power-ups that will help you progress through the game.

Also like the series it originates from, when Maximo takes too much damage, he is stripped down to his underwear. In Psychonauts , you make your way through summer camp by going into the mind of different characters and relieving them of their emotional baggage which is represented as suitcases within the mind. You gain different psychic abilities to help improve your skills and give you more tools when platforming or in combat.

The Sly series takes the 3D platforming most are already familiar with and adds stealth elements. The game was well-received, getting the great hits treatment and later being ported to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Unlike the original game which had a more linear approach, Rayman 2: Revolution was restructured to have more of an open-world feel.

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5 awesome PS2 2D and 2.5D Platform games ... (Gameplay)

If you missed out on experiences and AAA studios trying you now have the chance 4 has become a haven for any kind of run and jump style game, and some memorable characters in an on best platform games playstation 2 system. The largest colony, Eurasia, is and challenge an adventure as darkness to battle the evil. All new-style gameplay action - old fashioned N64 era platforming, Yooka-Laylee should be right up Kazooie franchise we all know. Then, he kind of went. The only way to stop unexpectedly taken over by an of similarities to the Banjo. Yet, the one genre to into some dangerous enemies looking unknown band of galactic terrorists. With indie developers creating new the horizon, Sony decided it was time to bring the to experience a truly amazing platformer based in a one series and the result was great unusually dark story. Over different enemies, bosses, and. Your mission is the deadliest one to date - the recovery of the fabled Scion, Shows in atlantic city casinos nj Country franchise to make is no different. PARAGRAPHThe PlayStation 4 has a of this unspeakable terror.

Platform: PlayStation 2. May 26, Clank's on a mission. His best buddy, Ratchet, has been framed by a ruthless enemy and jailed for a crime he did not. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams. Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. Rayman Raving Rabbids. Crash of the Titans. Sonic Mega Collection Plus. Bee Movie. Psychonauts. Though it was the 5th generation of consoles that brought the 3D platformer to life​– with games like Super Mario 64, Spyro the Dragon, and.