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The godfather 2 pc game download rapidshare links world hard game 2

The godfather 2 pc game download rapidshare links

It is a Third person perception based game. Some of the features of the Original game are brought back in this sequel. Godfather II is also action based adventure game. There are weapons like shotguns, sub-machine guns which have their own specialty and a player can use more advance weapons by attaining licenses. This game also has strategic point of view in which you can expand your family members to protect your empire.

You can also rob banks. This game has also multi playing mode through which at a time 16 players can play. The game plot is as the movie had. There are some changes in the story also. But it is mostly based on the movie. Graphically this game is decent and has very satisfying visuals. Its sound engine is also very powerful you can enjoy it a lot.

It is a superb game to play with strategically deep and visually charming. Part Click Download MB. Unrar the rar parts. Mount the extracted ISO image 3. Run the Setup 4. Support developers by buying the software you enjoy! The Godfather II-R. Tags pc games R. You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.


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The Sims 4: Dine Out. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is Combat flight simulator v Rugby Challenge 3. Rugby Challenge 3 is a rugby union simulation video game, developed by Wicked Witch Softwar Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 is an action role-playing video game developed by Vicarious Vi This isn't Star Wars - there's no pod racing and Cantina Dance Dance Revolution included for the benefit of the games industry.

If you love the film, you'll feel an immediate sense of relief when you start the game - the facial detail is excellent. The cut-scenes are well-acted and lip-synched, as you've every right to expect with the late Brando on-board.

But as you go through the training missions, this relief will become muddled with a mild sense of discomfort The hand-to-hand combat system is plainly designed for the analogue sticks of a console controller. Pull back to raise your fist push forward to punch. Sounds intuitive. But translate that motion to a mouse, make it wildly unresponsive, and you'll need a square metre of desk space just to accommodate your own dumb flailing.

The keyboard alternatives amount to a mute 'sorry about the mouse thing', and it's a real shame, because what could have been a natural way to chuck people around their own shop has been coated in treacly faff and fed to a fat clumsy idiot. Extortion gives you a regular income to back up your mission earnings, and to get businesses under your wing, you have to 'negotiate' with the owner.

Raise your fist, smash up the shop, kneecap a customer, it all serves to up your earnings provided you don't go too far. It gives a good sense of progress, seeing the mini-map change as your empire grows. But as the only distinguishing feature between this and superior titles, it's just not enough. My involvement in the game was constantly broken by stupid oversights. I spent the last of my money bribing an officer, yet somehow had the cash Luca needed to complete the mission.

I drove over a member of the Corleone family, and he responded with a cheerful "watch out for this guy - lie's going places". And my personal beef - vocal NPCs. Give them a wider range or shut them up. In five minutes of play, I heard. Maybe four. I know they're not real people, I really do, it's just the sign of a great game when these possibilities are taken into account This is based on a year-old masterpiece, so it has a positive duty to be great, or not use the name.

And it's not It's not great at all. I wanted so badly to be enjoying myself, with all the effort that had gone into the characters and likenesses, but I wasn't allowed to. And now I am cross. Being a baker in the late s wasn't easy. Yeast was scarce and flour had been replaced by its cheaper sister, sand.

Also, bread was illegal. The reason people flocked to the profession was the hats, the arousing mushroom shape attracting dozens of potential mates and providing the perfect hiding place for a single bowling skittle. This explains why bakers hang around in groups of ten unless it's your second go.

Grand Theft Auto's got the s and '90s covered, and the Don's not about to start a turf war, so his game hearkens back to the '40s and '50s, when cars were black and suits were brown, but green money and red blood still determined who's king of the streets. The game's story line weaves in and out of the events in the classic Mario Puzo book and Coppola film of the same name. The GTA games are big'uns, with new areas or cities to open up as you progress and enough minigames and side activities to keep the violence-lovin' corrupt youth of America busy for weeks and weeks.

And while The Godfather seems more epic because of its grand Mafia tale, it also feels more limited in scope. From what I've seen so far, the very brown, old-timey New York doesn't seem to offer much in terms of variety in environments, but in the final game, you'll see more of the city as you take over territories from rival families. Side missions include breaking up illegal rackets to make them your own, of course and "convincing" local shops that you're their new landlord and need the rent money, but you won't be playing basketball or lifting weights here-- everything fits into the Godfather context.

Combat's the best part of The Godfather so far. You can target and shoot individual body parts, which is no big deal. But when it's time to get up close and personal, you have several melee options: throw a guy against a wall or off the roof, punch with quick jabs or giant haymakers It isn't that often I get a chance to revisit a title, but it is always a great chance to reexamine old ideas. To that end, I'd like to point you at our reviews for the PS2 and Xbox version of this game.

I though that this game was good the first time I played it and this is no different. What is different is that it's even better this time. Most of the game is identical to the original versions, as the alterations made for the Xbox seem to revolve around small enhancements that improve the game play already there. First, you'll find additional missions to extend the length of the game.

You can now hire other members of the family to assist you in battle, making some of the harder combats much easier. There's more to do when extorting business, an overall graphical upgrade, more appearance options, and you can even bribe cops to fight for you. All in all, some really excellent changes.

None of this would matter much, if it weren't for the presentation. The game does look better, and from what I could tell by comparison, it also offered a longer draw distance. There's something nice about looking at the Empire State Building from a couple of miles away. For a real bang, light something up and watch it explode. It looks really amazing now.

From an audio perspective, I've revised my previous opinion. The dialogue is as strong as ever, and there's much to be said for the Godfather theme running throughout the game, but I've learned something in my time playing sandbox titles.

I really think that something like the radio from GTA is an important part of any of these games. Lacking anything to run in the background, it's like there's a distinct absence from the game. As if an important character is nowhere to be seen. I know that the timeline of the game would've made it difficult to include some sort of background chatter system, but I think it is quite important.

All in all, this is a good game. With the little additions, I'd say that this is definitely the version to own, as it simply has that much more to offer. At first I had memories of every franchise title that had come before. Blade 2. Enter the Matrix. Shocking, horrifying games that served only to teach us that movies and video games don't mix. It wasn't until I remembered Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, one of the few successes that I stopped sweating in fear.

Fortunately, it looks like Godfather is well worth playing. This game has two things going for it right off the bat. First, it was designed to be at least a pseudo-sandbox title, following in the tradition of games like Grand Theft Auto , which promised a great deal of freedom. Second, the Godfather was filmed over twenty years ago, so the risk of a game pushed out as part of a gigantic marketing is minimal, although I do smell a DVD box set somewhere on the horizon.

With those elements in mind, I dove in, and joined the Corleone family.

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